Recruit Information

Back Ground

Our company is smaller than the other famous companies.
The number of our employee is 31.
But we have a good relationship like a family.  

The screw press dehydration that we make be able to reduce the moist of food wastes and we can recycle to feed of cow from food waste.

Our machine connect to the goal that  we should keep sustainable consumption and production by SDGs.
Therefore we think this product have more needs and  would getting expand than now.

We want your power and passion.

Please give us your power and passion for expand sustainable future from Shizuoka.

Our Works

Circuitry design of control panel.
Create a program.

Electrical work of the machine

Make the machine

Delivery  of  Products.
Test run.
After care.


Production management

A Type of Recruitment

①Circuitry design of control panel. Create a program.

We would like to recruit for Sequence circuit, PLC design, and control panel design.

◆Apply all age
◆Need to graduate from high school
◆Need drivers license 


I would like you to sale about our products DM series.
We would do demonstration of DM series and ask their some require and describe about our products and so on.
We have to do all of things until finish.
First of all, we would work with two people.
Our sales aria is all of Japan.
We often go far aria from here, and  it is also fun point of our works. 

◆Apply all age
◆Need to graduate from high school
◆Need drivers license 

③Production management/Make the machine

The main works are order and management and built and assembly of products.
You can work kind of jobs like set up  and maintenance of DM series.
As same as sales, you can go far aria from here often and it is fun point of our works.

◆Apply all age
◆Need to graduate from high school
◆Need drivers license 

Office : Head office/902 Sodeshi-cho,Shimizu-ku,Shizuoka-city
★No job transfer

Way of Traffic : Available your car (We have free parking)

Working hours : 8:00 am ~ 5:00 pm
※rest  80 minuts
※Overtime    Average 5 hours / month



Please call here.
If you tell us “About recruit” , it would easy to understand.
Responsible for recruit : Mrs.Sugiyama



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