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Many companies ask us for advice about malt wastes.
There are many kind of troubles.
For example, they would like to decrease the cost of industrial waste or they would like to set up dehydration machine that without don’t move currently facilities. Or they wouldn’t like to use much time to dehydration because they want to produce next one as soon as possible.
And the farmer who had picked up the malt wastes that don’t need to squeeze won’t be able to pick up them from now on. 
And also malt waste will be bad for environment for neighborhood due to bad smells. Something like that.
So we would like to introduce the main case in this page.


  1. You can reduce industry cost of molt
  2. Improve smell of malt rotten
  3. improve smell of malt rotten  ※you can do dehydrate works for malt by automation is benefit of this product
  4. It’s possible to time saving until next production
  5. You can recycle for feed of cows


malt dehydration system

Flow of our products line

麦芽脱水 スクリュープレス ホッパー モーノポンプ

①Hopper and mono pump

Receiving all of malt waste from mash tun by this hopper and send it to the dehydration machine steady amount.

スクリュープレス脱水機 川口精機 麦芽脱水

②The screw press dehydration machine

Dehydrating malt waste from mono pump in a row.
During this time, you don’t need to do anything for dehydration machine.

フレコンバッグ スクリュープレス脱水機 麦芽脱水

③Flexible container bag

Saving malt waste that was dehydrated to flexible container bag. This bag has about 600kg~700kg amount.
And you can recycle to feeds of cow from dehydrated malt waste. 

Installed image(Install outside)

麦芽脱水 川口精機 モーノポンプ

Mono-pump with small hopper

麦芽脱水 川口精機 飼料化

The dehydration with big hopper

If you don’t have enough space on floor, you would set small hopper under the mash tun, then you should set a big hopper on the dehydration.

※You can order a one that your original one.

Installed image(narrow area)

There is not enough space to set the machine

The dehydrator with castor

If you don’t have enough space to set the dehydrator and also hopper, pump, you could install the dehydrator with castor.

It is possible to carry it and when you don’t use it you can make it move to free space in brewery.

Although ,you have to do handwork if you use this type of machine.

<About Left product>
Model number:DM15(Ability:100kg/h)

【Check point】What confirming of installed before

Benefit of the dehydration machine system is be able to do works of malt waste without human-works.
But if you would like to do that you have to prepare something like below.
So please you can check and do like those, to rid of  stressful after installed.

スクリュープレス脱水機 川口精機 麦芽脱水機

①Please check the product that you will installed have enough ability for amount of malt waste

It depend on kind of malts or recipe, it is different speed of dehydration or efficiency.
Therefore, we will recommend trail run before installed to confirm this product have ability said by catalog.

麦芽脱水機 ホッパー 川口精機

②You should installed hopper that have enough amount.

Need a hopper that have enough amount of malt to catch from mash-tun.
If you installed the small hopper, you couldn’t do works without human-work.
Therefore, you don’t get benefit of this product as autmation.

③Take care to "bridge" of malt waste

Malt waste that from mash-tun would be “bridge” in hopper sometimes.
Therefore, you need to install mixer or washer or you have to adjust speed of carrying.

※”Bridge” means appearance a hole due to pile of malt.

麦芽脱水機 モーノポンプ 定量供給

④Please confirm constant speed of carrying

If this product’s speed  wouldn’t match throw in and throw out, You could not constant running without adjust speed in and out.
Then, it will down efficiency and have to do work by human-works.

It is requirement thing to match speed throw in and out.

川口精機 麦芽脱水 飼料化 運送

⑤Please prepare to eco-feed system

You have to do many of things if you would start eco-feed system.
For example, select the companies or applying some documents , transportation, Enzyme addition and degassing , and so on.
Please check your company have those systems.
If you don’t have it, we can do all of that.

【Case studies】Introduce case studies

I would like to decrease the cost of industrial waste

I would like to set up at confined space


This is a craft whisky company in Shizuoka prefecture

They were established at 2015 as craft whisky brand.
They were troubled about tons of malt wastes and smells after a while.
And then, they found our company as dehydration machine brand in  same local, and they installed our dehydration machine.


Back ground

They would like to decrease tons of cost of industrial waste for a year.

When they established this brand , they didn’t have enough time to consider about dispose malt waste. So they didn’t know how much cost does it take to industrial waste.
But when they started to produce, they were really surprised about the amount and the cost.
If they wouldn’t do anything, they have to pay tons of money for a year and it is not good effect for profit.
So they decided to contact us to dehydrated industrial waste quantity and  reduce  industrial waste costs.

Sugge stion

Our demonstration was able to show reduce to 1/3 malt waste. And We suggested "DM25"

First of all, We visit to this customer and did demonstration by small size dehydration machine.
Although whisky is made from malts but it would be change reduce rate depends on district or kind of malt , water that be used ,temperature of  that area.
So that ,we definitely do demonstration before sell this products and we check reduction rate and moisture content,  the speed of work and we would suggest about machine which is the best for.
In this case, this customer would like to reduce that 1.2t malt waste, and would like to finish for 2~3hours.
So we suggested “DM25” and 1.2㎡ hopper and Mono pump.


We was able to reduce industrial waste as we thought before. They was able to depreciation at for two years.

They dehydrated malt waste and reduce moisture(※also add  chemicals) , and to do lactic fermentation.
And then , it began to less smells and began to improve environment around factory.
The costs of malt waste became zero and they just pay the money for flexible container bag for eco-feed.
And they was able to depreciation at for two years.

※We can use the malts for feed of cows as recycle,so all of our customer that craft whisky or craft beer brand adopt this cycle as eco-feed.

Recommended machine

■ DM25


Process capability(kg/h) 400〜600

Product size(mm) L:2,298 W:857 H:1,072

Power 1.5kW×200V AC

Material main body:SUS304
                    others:SS grade or SUS grade (As you required)


This is craft whisky brand in Tohoku area

In 2018, they were established as cruft whisky brand.
They set up some manufacturing facilities that due to decrease of human resource as much as possible.

At that time, they had carried malt wastes to Methane fermentation plant company but they needed to set up the dehydration machine because it was getting increase the cost of industrial waste. 

Back gaund

When they established this brand, they had been in trouble that they hadn't thought about industrial waste costs.

At the planning stage of construction of the factory, they considered to install our dehydration machine but a Methane fermentation company that neighborhood could carry the malt wastes by low cost , so they didn’t install our dehydration at that time.

However when they started to produce they noticed that they had to pay a tons of cost to industrial wastes, and so they decided to install our dehydration machine and eco-feed system.

Sugge stion

We suggested to fit at confined space of already be.

We received the request that they would like to decrease the malt wastes amount same of CASE1.

But it was already working the factory at the time, we were measuring to some facilities seriously and our engineer considered for fit confined space.
And then, we suggested that 1㎥ Hopper and Mono pump set up angle under the Mush tun, and set up the dehydration machine near by.

Of course, we recommended to eco-feed system.(because that company’s boss had strong request of it.)

Setting image

1㎥ Hopper and Mono pump
Receive the malt wastes from Hopper and Mono pump at upper left


They was able to reduce the industrial wastes costs to 500,00yen from 8,000,000yen for a year.

They used to pay 8,000,000yen by the industrial waste cost but it became 500,000yen about they just pay Flexible container for eco-feed and Chemical and they could depreciation just for two years.

If they disposal without dehydration, they have to deal with as garbage, so they would straggle with smell or environment problems.
Or they always have some worries about the increasing of costs or cutting connection to the farmer because they relying on industrial waste company.

But our company have some connection to the farmers because if  we lose one route of it, we can use other route due to pick them up as feed.
So the company can focus on producing with safety.


malt wastes and chemical injection
flexible container for eco-feed飼料化用

Recommended machine

■ DM25


Process capability(kg/h) 400〜600

Product size(mm) L:2,298 W:857 H:1,072

Power 1.5kW×200V AC

Material main body:SUS304
                    others:SS grade or SUS grade (As you required)

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