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Kosuke Osawa

I was a musician and kept doing Rock Band.And we released original CD by independent record label. It has been release on iTune now.
At the same time, I have been working in Sales and Manufacturing.
And then, I joined this company for succession of my family business.
I worked hard and I was learning about basic of MONOZUKURI.

We started to make and sale of Dehydration machine since 2010.
I and our employee solved some problems with each other. And we were able to selling  all around Japan.

Now, we focus on abroad to sell.
Especially South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore.
And we are planning on OEM at Malaysia for mass production.

So now I still go back and forth between Japan and Asia to expand business.

Company profile

Company name  Kawaguchiseiki Co.,LTD.

Address  〒424-0037 902 sodeshi-cho,shimizu-ku,shizuoka-city,shizuoka-prefecture

TEL  054-365-1993

FAX  054-366-5314

URL  http://kawaguchiseiki.co.jp

E-mail k_osawa@kawaguchiseiki.co.jp

Foundation date  20th June 1949

Capital stock  3,000万円

Employee  30 people

Revenue   ¥500 million 

Bank       The Seishin Shinkin Bank
     The Shimizu Bank Sodeshi branch 
     Japan Finance Corporation Shizuoka Branch
     Shizuoka Chuo Bank Shimizu branch
     Shizuoka Yaizu Shinkin Bank Kusanagi Branch

Officer   President   Kosuke Osawa
         Director      Keiji Suzuki
         General Manager     Toshiyuki Fujino
         Auditor          Yuko Osawa


1949  June            We started Shimizu nozuru Co.,LTD at Miho Shimizu-city Shizuoka-prefecture.
                                  We had a capital of 30 million yen.
                                  And started to sell and make of Internal Combustion Engine.          

1959   November The head office and factory moved to Sodeshi-cyo.

1963   February  Changed the company’s name to KAWAGUCHISEIKI Co.,LTD.
      July           Started making and sell of Hydraulic power units and make of mold.

1964   July           Increased capital to 9 million yen

1968   February  We merged with Omaezakisangyo Co.,LTD. And increased capital to  15 million yen.
             We started to sell of plastic injection molding machine.

   July           Increased capital to 30 million yen.

1977 February Expanded head office and factory of first division.

1982 January Started to make the printing machine parts of Baldwin LTD and started to make the dehydration of Healios LTD. 

1984 December Transfer member of second division of factory to KawaguchiKosan Co.,LTD.

1991 November Build the second division factory at Shodeshi-tyo Shimizu-city.

1993 January Build the third division factory at Shodeshi-tyo Shimizu-city.Started to make and sell of products for medical.

2002 March Started to make of Inspection equipment of liquid crystal panel made by Opto.

2006 November We have a license “一般建設許可(般-18)” and Started to work of set up of mechanical. 

2008 January Started to make and sell of ScrewPress Dehydration. 

2018 April Sign up for Bean sprouts Association of manufacture’s union.

2018 June Started to make and sell of ScrewPress Dehydration at Thailand and South Korea.

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