About lending of dehydration machine

We always have been lending dehydration machine.

We have two type of dehydration machine by ability and you can choose whichever you want to use.

〜Situation of our recommend〜

・If you have a limit of period that you can need.
・If you can’t afford to buy this machine.
・If you don’t have enough space for this machine.

・If you would like to get good result of cost-effectiveness by low monthly fee.
・If you would like to try it as real run.

Dehydration machine that you can choose



Process capability(kg/h) 40〜60
Product size(mm) L:776 W:310 H:600
Power 0.1kW×100V AC

We recommend this type of machine if you would like to test with a little amount of sample(10kg~20kg).
This one is not big. Therefore it is easy to carry and set up and to use.



Process capability(kg/h) 400〜600
Size(mm) L:2,298 W:857 H:1,072
Power 1.5kW×200V AC

This machine had 500kg/h process capability.
We recommend this one if you would like to keep running the machine as real environment.

Appearance of lending set

We can lend these products.

①Screw press dehydration


③Control panel(For dehydration、For Crusher)


※If you would like to borrow DM25, DM25 had the Crusher on that.(You can borrow only DM25 if you don’t need it)

Oder - Lending - Return

1、Please send a email or phone call.

2、We are going to carry those machine to your company.
But it’s depends on aria of your company, we might carry those machine by delivery.
※If this is your first time, we recommend that you should choose us, not delivery.
Because we would like to tell how to use and set up aboout this machine.

3、We would like to go your company and tell how to use these machines.

4、If you have any questions, you can tell us anytime.

5、We recommend that you should clean up after use by water one time pre day.
(Those machines have resistance by water.)

6、Please back these machines to our company by cash-on-delivery.
※If you borrowed DM25, our stuff would pick it up.

Rental charge


Rental charge:5,000yen/day

Delivery cost:40,000yen(one way)※reference range

Setup、demo:25,000yen/person ※reference range



Rental charge:7,000円/日

Delivery cost:Please tell us

Setup、demo:40,000yen/person ※reference range


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