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Bean sprouts company at Shizuoka prefecture


We set up Screwpress dehydration DM25 , Crashing machine and Screw conveyor at  April 2016.
And also the waste of Bean sprouts was able to recycle to feed of cow.
Because the products amount  of their increased and they didn’t become to take care of food waste. 

We set up big hopper that is able to support a both of wastes about dropped from screen or rotary lift.
And that was able to working high performance. 
All food waste after squeezing was recycled as feed.


Food company at Kyoto prefecture


They bought this machine due to reduce of food waste of cabbage.
Before they buy this machine, they used the dryer for reduce of food waste.
But it was high costing and didn’t work many time.
DM25 is very simple system and this  was good for them.
Reduction rate was 70%.
And they had expected decrease amount of costs.

This is pictures that three years ago  since we set up.But as you might see, this machine is very clean because they are cleaning up this machine every day.
When we saw like this, we are really happy.


Craft whisky company at Shizuoka prefecture


Malt dregs discharged in the manufacturing process is 1 batch or about 1,200kg.
It is only way to throw away as Industrial Waste because malt has amount of water.
President of this company worked on this problem, and friends of him Mr.Osawa was told about this problem.
So Mr.Osawa suggested our product.
Malt waste after dehydration is able to recycle to cow feed and we can decrease Industrial Waste.

Thank you for this company, many craft beer company contacted us about this recycle system and set up our product.

Thank you so much.

Bean sprouts company at Gifu Prefecture


We were honored to installed 3 line of the screw press dehydration machine DM40 at major bean sprouts company at Gifu Prefecture .

That about 3 line it just not only screw press dehydration machine but, we were including to installed the dregs transportation conveyor and the crushing machine for working as sequentially system.

Bean sprout dregs able to recycle as feed.

Cabbage dregs was under investigation for recycle to as feed.

Pre-cut vegetable dregs after dehydrated, weight of dregs will be reduced.

When a dreg has been dehydrated probably have a limit to recycle, but we were still work hard to investigation for reduce the industrial waste and reduce an emission from industry to minimum.

We were so very to be honored for evaluated the suggestion of recycle a waste to feed system of our company and trust in our company

Thank you so much


Food processing company in Ehime Prifecture


We were installed DM20 to Food processing company which provide their products to convenience store.
This time, our customer would like to through the food wastes by hands into the screw press dehydration machine because the amount is under 300kg.

And also they ordered compact formation of the machines due to the place. 

 So we proposed that don’t use the screw conveyer and big hopper, and made the slide type insert window on crusher and set up shallow dish for food wastes.

We set up a step in front of insert window due to for woman.

And this dehydration machine has special screen that be able to  open and could clean up.
Because This customer care about hygiene due to food processing company.

The cost of food wastes was getting high and so they needed our product early.

Thank you for your order to our machine.

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