Result of Vegetable waste・Food waste

Many companies  who make cut vegetables(Lettuce, Cabbage, Carrots, Radish ), Been sprouts, Gyoza, Pickles, Kimchi, cut fruits(Pineapple, Apple) are using our products.
Therefore we would like to introduce typical two case study in this page.

Change to new product due to not good of dehydration

For reduce cost of food waste.To keep smell down as possible


Cut vegetables company in Saitama prefecture

They started at 1969.
They have three factories at Kanto aria and they expanded their business into the processing of fruit, distributor of agriculture, produce and processing of forest woods.
They expanded their business scale due to need of cut vegetables nowadays.
In the other hand, they considering about increasing food waste and  economical use of that.
And then they used our product and they could dehydrate food waste as 70%.
After that they are planning to recycle that food waste change as feed of cow.
And now,They are focusing on good environment of the earth.

Back ground

They have to pay tons of money to food waste because their machine can't dehydrate well.

They used to have a dehydration machine of different system before.
But dehydration rate was 50%.
That’s why they had to pay tons of money to food waste.
So they considered to bought another dehydration machine and they contacted us about it.

Sugge stion

We could reduce over 70% at demo and we proposed DM40 because of their amount of food waste.

We carried our product to our customer for demonstration.
Because we would like to use original material of customer to do our demonstration.

And then, we could reduce over 70% weight.
Because of this, our product look promising and we could got  order by this customer.

We suggested DM40 type due to amount of food waste and their work time per day.
And we also presented the document of depreciation.

And also, we got order that drawing , manufacturing , set up, demonstration , all of things .


We was able to decrease the cost of industrial waste 50,000yen per day. it was 18.25 million yen per year.

The dehydration machine that they used before was able to reduce vegetable waste 10ton → 5ton.
But our dehydration machine was able to reduce vegetable waste 10ton → 3ton.
Because reduce rate is 70%.
It was tons of reduce rate.

The cost of industrial waste was reduced 50,000yen per day, it was reduced 18.25 million yen per year.

Recomended machine

■ DM40

Process capability(kg/h) 1,200〜1,500

Product size(mm) L:3,800 W:800 H:900

Power 3.7kW×200V AC

Material Mainbody:SUS304
            Others:SS grade or SUS grade (As you required)


The vender of convenience store in Chiba prefecture

They started at 1998.
They have 9 factories in Japan and they make lunch box, rice ball, sushi, noodles, salad, and so on.
They decided to buy the dehydration machine because increased cost of vegetable waste when they expanded their business.
When they got a our machine at Chiba factory it was fine and so we could get new order at new  Gunma factory.

Back ground

Increased the cost of industrial waste because they didn't dehydrate at all. And they were struggle with smell.

They had been payed tons of industrial waste cost because they didn’t dehydrate at all.
And also there were no space for keep the food waste.
And they were struggle with smell because the vegetable that has more moisture tend to rot easily.

Sugge stion

We made the layout of our products due to fit the other machines that they used. And also improved sanitation around the machines.

There was not enough space for setting our products, therefore we concerned that our products would touch to the wall, ceiling and so on.
But we could set our products in that small space because we changed high of hopper and replaced the place of the dehydration machine and the crusher.
And also, they don’t have to worry about rot of food waste because it would be better sanitation of that space by the dehydration machine.

We suggested this customer DM25 type that work 500kg per a hour.

Setting image

The screw conveyor
The hopper to enter the food waste and the screw conveyor


We was able to decrease the cost of industrial waste 84,000yen per day. it was 30.66 million yen per year.

The cost of industrial wast was 120,000yen before use  our products.
But they could reduce 70% vegetable waste and cost of industrial waste was be 36,000yen per a day and could reduce that cost 84,000yen per a day.
They could reduce the cost of industrial waste 30.66million yen per a year.

Recomended machine

■ DM25


Process capability(kg/h) 400〜600

Product size(mm) L:2,298 W:857 H:1,072

Power 1.5kW×200V AC

Material Mainbody:SUS304
          Others:SS grade or SUS grade (As you required)

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